Bag2School is known to be an advocate of sustainability, safe and clean environments as well as promoting the benefits of a circular economy. As such we work with various partners that have a similar vision.

Hygienic IT

Hygienic IT logo
Hygienic IT logo

Why not spend the proceeds of your fundraising to create a cleaner and safer environment by making sure the schools IT equipment is sanitized by Hygienic IT.

The environment in which children learn and discover the joys of the digital age is as exciting as it is harmful. Handheld devices, touchscreens, keyboards etc. all pose a potential health hazard if not treated properly. However, doing this yourself can be long, busy, tedious and ineffective. In addition, using the wrong tools and/or cleaning products can achieve the opposite – allow for bacteria to spread more and affect the operation of the equipment.

Best then to leave it to the professionals – Hygienic IT. They’ll leave your school equipment squeaky clean and germ-free, but most importantly, make sure your children are safe from bacteria.

Get in touch for more information (link to external website).